1080p vs 1080i gaming

To me, 1080p is the best resolution we have ever captured on a portable device while watching games on the TV. But sometimes we may be in a game but need to show the most realistic picture possible, and 1080p may not be quite enough. Now, if you feel that you can really squeeze everything using an HD display, you can always go ahead and go for 1080p, which provides a wider definition as well as a better overall picture.

The question remains on which resolution is better, 1080p or 1080i? It certainly depends on what you are playing. However, 1080p usually is not enough for serious game play. On the other hand, 1080i is probably way too much. But in a perfect world, 1080p is just a perfect resolution – the best it can be for your particular resolution and display.

With so many different resolutions and devices available right now, it is probably best to do as you might and buy the right display, like a TV, HDTV, etc. and go for an appropriate resolution when you need it. We did an extensive blog on how to achieve the best quality picture with an HDTV. You can check that out if you do not want to read it.

This topic is one of the most hotly debated on the net. There is no question that gaming is very popular. The issue is about the most effective resolution settings we can make for gaming. On the other hand, we see the same problems on TV where the best resolutions are for our favorite TV shows. We need to be careful on which resolution we use when gaming.

As long as you are comfortable with the resolution it is possible to go for the higher quality video if the screen is bigger without it making your eyes hurt, like you are using a cell phone. If you are using a phone, you could just set its settings with high quality, like 720p, and use that. When your eyes get used to the small resolution, things become tricky and it will get irritating after a while.

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