4k vs ultrawide gaming

In the gaming industry, there has been an evolution from 4K to ultrawide displays. 4k, Ultra 4k, 4.3K, Ultra HD, 4K, and 4K HDR are terms used to describe the type of pixel density of display and the number of pixels. At 4k, 100,000 pixels will fit onto a single LED. On a 4K display, this will translate to 4,096,800 pixels on a typical LED surface.

4X, Ultra-High Definition, and HZ are terms for 4k technology.

What is 4k? It simply means Ultra HD.

4k = Ultra HD 4k = Ultra HD = Ultra HD technology.

4k displays look stunning, even the ones that may not be able to support a resolution of 4K.

We cover 4k monitors and we review a variety of gaming and gaming related monitors.

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