9700k vs 8700k gaming

There’s been a huge amount of debate over which machine hardware can best simulate a gaming PC. For many gamers, the 8700k gaming machine is the go to machine for their daily gameplay. But according to a recent report by a leading research group, that 8700k gaming machine may not be the ideal choice for them.

It appears that an 8700k gaming machine will play perfectly well at the level of 800+ frames per second. However, at higher refresh rates (4K and above), the 8700k falls far short of the refresh rate of current gaming laptops. You can find a top-notch gaming laptop (along with the right hardware specs) that will play games at the refresh rate of your favorite hardware.

According to a leading computer research technology report, the new NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 with a 1080ti will surpass the 8700k in many PC video gaming benchmarks, even beating the 4K display. In fact the video card will play at a higher refresh rate making the 8700k completely unnecessary for PC gaming enthusiasts. As a gaming laptop enthusiast, if you’re currently running the high end 8700k gaming laptop just because it is so hard for you to justify the higher price.

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