barebones gaming laptop

I had a really hard time figuring out how to get a little gaming laptop around with a small form factor. I was on a budget but I wasn’t sure I could find a laptop that was small enough to get to the office or even play online.

I had a hard time finding a solution for barebones gaming laptops.

I got my first gaming laptop in February of 2014 when I was just over the hump with my small gaming rig.

Im using a very simple computer at work and the only peripherals I have are a mouse and a keyboard.

I am very much a mobile computer user.

As you might notice on the first video, the laptop is completely clean from the bottom out.

What my friends don’t know about me is, I like to keep most of my games simple.

First things first. Check out this list and determine what gaming laptop you can’t live without.

So, this list is important if you are a gamer! There are several other important things to consider as well.

I have been using a PC for about 6 months, my pc is an intel macbook pro with 12gb ram.

I recently picked up this computer, its not a gaming rig but it does its job.

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