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Welcome gaming enthusiasts! This is the third generation of gaming for gaming enthusiast. The first generation was introduced when we were in middle school. It became best selling for 3 or 4 months in America, and it got so viral that it was all the rage on social media websites and on gaming websites. There was one gaming website even called Gaming House which did a monthly article about games from all around the world, and it was mostly from a black person! I’ll never forget that day.

We hope you enjoy the series as much as we enjoyed the first one.

This is going to be all about gaming in general and it is really not that hard to make it a success.

A lot of people make fun of gaming.

It is okay to love it and you can be happy with that.

Gaming isn’t just an entertainment.

The games that you love are not the reason the world is the way we know it.

“Welcome to gaming”, so here we are.

Welcome to the family. This is me. My name is Alyssa, this is my first post.

Gaming is not just for kids.It is fun, that will make it successful.

We are just getting started. New to this blog? Great. This is the first post.

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