eukymr gaming headset

Eukymr is the leader in e-sports wearables. Their innovative headset (designed by an e-sports expert) is compatible with any game console on the market, including Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, and Asus’ ZenFone 5. With hundreds of games available directly from an Eukymr app, you’ll be able to experience what e-sports and gaming has to offer in the best of ways.

This headset is made for gaming as well as social interaction, allowing you to keep up with your social graph and other buddies in game. This e-sports headset is compatible with all platforms (PC, PS3 etc) and is built to last.

The gaming headset is made to bring you the best out of PlayStation. With its comfortable, noise-canceling ear pads that you enjoy while using your PlayStation’s touchscreen, you can enjoy gaming on a more relaxed pace. This e-sports headset has a 3.5mm ear-bud with a microphone that can connect with your PlayStation 4 or other wireless controller. The headset is capable of recording on PlayStation Live.

Eukymr delivers the best of PlayStation gaming in terms of comfort and sound quality. Designed and engineered to provide optimal sound quality from any gaming experience. Eukymr earphones also allow for a more immersive gaming experience that enables you to have the freedom to play on your console, with no latency. This headset offers comfort, durability, and a truly immersive entertainment experience.

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