european gaming league

A video, on YouTube, that shows a young football player having a good game of soccer has led the video’s creator to change his sports for the worse. And just like that, an european gaming league is born, only this league is not about winning the european football championship, but about winning points. Its objective is to bring together gamers worldwide and allow them to play some of the most entertaining and high-profile competitions of all time.

Since the rules change in this league every week, we can see that this is a game that is always moving.

A video of a young player using his own sense of pride to break through the lines of opposition.

The next step for this league is the first ever championship tournament.

The tournament is already underway, with 16 teams having completed the first round and just days left until the championship.

The first international tournament takes place in France and involves 12 teams from the major leagues across the globe.

The most important key: “Let your imagination go.

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