framed gaming posters

In this tutorial you will learn how to make these framed game posters for your friends and their friends. These are great to send out on Facebook, SnapChat or wherever you want to show your friends and family just how much you care. If you have more than one friend, make sure you send all of them one too, or everyone will start asking to be shown.

If you’re going out to do anything with new friends and family, this is the perfect time to meet up with some of your favorite authors or musicians. These images are full of life, creativity, and just plain fun.

Use the frame on a poster to make the poster a conversation piece. You can print on photo paper too.

This poster is inspired partly by a famous black and white poster of black women dancing with each other by black artist, Tanya Tucker. These photos were used in a famous commercial advertising the Temptations’ tour across the United States and they have now become part of the public eye. They are great as a fun poster, for photos or photos of women wearing jewelry, or just to dress up any place that you’re going.

The idea behind this project is to use some old classic posters as your backdrop, creating a fun and original image. Once youve got your materials together, you can apply your own creativity to decorate.

This project is inspired by a poster that was made by a woman from Jamaica when she was a child. These are the early posters of women dancing and playing, and theyve become part of the public eye. Some of them have now been part of the public and become part of their family, thus their unique and memorable images.

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