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Gaming has always been a way to escape and escape to a space just like a video game. But sometimes gaming can prove to end up killing you. Today we are going to tell you some stories that you know but really want to hear.

It will take us some time to get the first round set off, but we promise that the stories continue from there. Our goal is for gamers to talk about some of the best games from their childhood that can be carried with them for hundreds and even thousands of hours. You can find each and every story in our series “Gaming with Purpose”.

The first part of our series Gaming with Purpose features “The Best Gaming You’ve Never Heard Of” in the “Gaming You Should Hear From You” section. This is a game that you will want to get your hands on when you come back in a week. It is based on a true story, but the players in this game have a certain point in their lives so they are not so interested in the outcome of other players playing.

In this post I discuss a new game that brings a little of the true story to life, which is the classic, Final Destination 2. This game is a sequel that gives you a number of scenarios that allow you to have fun in your fantasy gaming world but you never actually get to find out if you will fall in love or not with the game. But this game was born out of frustration with the game and was made possible with the introduction of the Internet into our lives.

To make gaming accessible to all people in our country and the world, The Interactive Games Summit is launching in India this month and it has a number of interesting games that have been created by game designers. This can open a world of new possibilities in the lives of all game consumers. Also in the gaming community, there is a new site called Game Over which is designed to help those that are just plain bored with their games.

If youve had enough of watching and reading about game reviews and seeing comments about games just to get it off your chest, check out Game Over. The site lets you know that youre not alone. Whether youve played the game or not, this site is designed with all players in mind so that youll have a great time with nothing to worry about.

It is not all about games and games. Most entrepreneurs in India realize that they cant compete with the big boys because it is very expensive to start up a business. So how does one start an online business? It sounds like a silly question, but it is the only solution to the question that is possible. Online business is one of the best ways to start a profitable business in India because it is always easy to find local talent in the web.

This post was inspired by a video my cousin saw a while back. As one of the video’s participants in the series, you had to go off and take a trip across Europe for a certain amount of time. You then returned to the United States to see how the world reacts to you in your absence. This video made me decide to start my blog, How to Run a Successful Online Business in 3 Days.

My name is Anuja and I am the founder of Amnesia Technologies (A.T.) – the website that will be discussed next in this post. You may ask ‘what does Anuja have to do with Internet marketing?’ Well, you would find out that all she has to do with digital marketing is the ability to put a web address (

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