gaming console cabinet

With a cabinet, you’re not just building a gaming rig. You’re creating art as well, like an exhibition or gallery to showcase your work. That means you don’t have to use your couch, bedroom walls, or closet. When you need to share your creations, you can do that in front of an audience. You can even have a dedicated player area on your laptop monitor.

Your display means your space, even when youre not gaming. When youre creating art, your laptop could be your canvas, your computer screen could be your paints, and your storage cube could be your sculpture.

Not only do these devices enhance gaming, they make you feel more independent, engaged in your artwork. Most people who share things in the gallery or in a room with others tend to feel like less of a lone wolf. They are more connected to those around them.

As long as youve been playing games, youre not used to having a display case of your creation. Some like to keep their own works in a case. Others, such as me, tend to find it fun to have my own work on display. Ive spent so long working in obscurity to get my act together for an album that I tend to share my creations all over my apartment.

There are two things that everyone loves in a gaming console display: height and versatility. You can fit almost any screen, and you can find a couple of very unique solutions. I like the option when buying a system that offers a 360 screen. So much so I started my own website dedicated to creating a console of my own. It could be a game console, a TV, or gaming set. The system could have any number in between.

If youre not a fan of digital media, this post, by my friend, Steve, might not be for you. Its been two years since I lost my son, which in part, was due to a change in our family’s lifestyle. He was on his second year of life on the football team and had become friends with some of the coaches on the opposing team. I saw the love that he had for those coaches and his love of football.

No matter how youre gaming, there’s nothing you do can replace the feeling of having your mind, body and soul connected Old blog: I know how you feel. After being a single dad for over six years, the thought of being a single dad turned me into a grumpy old man. I miss those days and I miss having that outlet to make me feel happy.

A few things that youll need: ✦A room to create a storage box to put your work in with my daughter ✦A room to house your equipment (gaming consoles, TVs, books, etc) ✦A chair to sit in when sitting in your room. A couch and a chair will probably be too heavy for a large storage space ✦A room with a window with a view of my daughter being a single dad (she doesnt know yet).

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