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The new Nintendo Switch console is releasing in November of this year. We’ve heard that it will have Game Boy Color support and a price rise, and we also know that it’s going to feature more new additions than other console releases in terms of content. So that’s why it’s making its way to our news editor’s desk for a thorough analysis. We’ll give the gaming goat a shot on its current state of game systems.

Well, lets get this down front, a new console is one thing, that same old games make another.

Its about time the gaming sector started to look at new content and innovative ideas rather than sticking with older genres and franchises.

The Nintendo Switch is releasing this November. There are 2 games that will be available there.

It is a long time since people first played on the Game Boy Color.

The 2 games are going out in November.

A new game which uses the Nintendo Switch console will be revealed shortly.

Nintendo is the brand that makes some of the most iconic and popular video games.

We feature the latest of Nintendo games and other top hardware.

Let’s face it, we’ve seen the light.

Nintendo is back in the top 3 best selling console. This means that the number of games released has gone sky high.

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