gaming while standing

Well, it’s not the first company to come to mind when we think of gaming, but what if it was as easy as sitting, standing, walking or even simply running? Imagine sitting on a plane and playing an RPG during your flight? No problem. Forget about a controller and controllers, this has become the norm. Gimme Gaming While Standing: A smart gaming console at your fingertips.

No gaming device necessary, this gadget is all you need to take your next leap of fancy. This gaming console is capable of playing your favorite MMORPG while standing without having to wear any shoes or having to sit down for 10-15 minutes because the legs are still perfectly healthy.

The Xbox One Kinect is a motion-sensing device which is capable of recording the facial motion of a person’s face in real-time. With an array of sensors, the Kinect can determine the precise location of your head and eye gaze in three dimensions and even the distance. This device allows gamers to capture the emotions, thoughts and emotions of other gamers and use it to interact with them in a social gaming environment.

A fun way to increase your heart rate is to take a seat for some serious gaming, but that doesn’t mean you should spend your entire time sitting on a plane. Instead, consider getting up quickly and going for the longest run possible with the least amount of strain for your body and the most number of heart and fitness benefits. The Run, Walk or Stand With an Xbox 360 Kinect device will allow you to do this without straining your body.

A fun, simple and convenient way to exercise. Find your starting point by standing, walk and then sit down. A simple routine takes 30-45 minutes depending on your starting point and the intensity your exercise session will get challenging. When the sweat is running off your nose and down your forehead, you have finished your session.

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