indiana gaming license

Please let us know of any games that you think are not within the scope of our licensing agreement. If this becomes necessary then we reserve the right to terminate this agreement.

This site provides information about the gaming activities and sports events in the state of Indiana, including those for which the state has a licensing agreement governing gaming activities and sports. Our content includes maps of gaming and sports events, official license data and information, and local news. (Updated March 9th 2009. Due to the state of the Internet, we are unable to verify the accuracy of the above information.

It is your responsibility as a vendor of online or video games to know about and to act responsibly. Therefore, do not submit online or video games in any form unless you are aware of all the licensing terms governing its use. New blog: Most of the time, we would like to stay on good terms with our licensors.

For most of the vendors of online or video games to know where the licensing of these games is contained will be helpful, but only if they follow the same process and do not abuse it.

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