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We are all familiar with the famous “Apple” of the tech world. As well as a product name and logo, we also know that this is the name adopted by the company that sells most of today’s smart devices and tablets. But a new patent application has been filed by Apple Computer to help enhance a brand more than ever before.

We take a look at the “Apple in Motion” gadget.

Apple continues to be a great brand for making our devices.

Apple in Motion is the latest smart device with the Apple logo that features three new innovative technologies such as 3D sensing.

Apple introduces the iPad 4! It has a retina display and more cameras than ever before.

Apple Inc.s new line of consumer electronics including Apple products has become more and more popular.

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A new study on exercise and health Old blog: A new study on exercise and health.

You might be thinking how easy this is and think you’ve discovered the holy grail of exercise.

An article by Dr. Laura Bynum, the author of “The Joy of Lifting”.

An article on how lifting weights can improve your health.

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