microfiber gaming chair

Now that you have the ability to play any video game on the computer that you own, the next question is, “How do I play my game?” Microfiber gaming chair from SHOPSHOP is designed for those individuals who have difficulty gripping a controller.

Because if you hold the controller carefully as much as possible then you will naturally rotate the controller 90 degrees or so.

These gamers have many problems and difficulties. Not all of them are even worse than ours.

For the past couple years, I have had my eyes on a microfiber gaming chair.

The Microfiber Gaming Chair from SHOPSHOP. The Microfiber Gaming Chair from SHOPSHOP.

From the outside it looks like a chair made by hand.

The Microfiber Gaming Chair from SHOPSHOP. This beautiful and unique furniture piece is completely hand made.

We unveiled the Microfiber Gaming Chair at the SHOPSHOP store.

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