microsoft gaming chair

Microsoft has made an entire line of gaming chairs for the Xbox One called Micro-Coolers. If you’ve ever played on the PC, your thought process will be similar to a cat in a car seat on the freeway. You will just sit there in the chair and, well, you might fall. As Microsoft’s gaming chairs go, this one is a real contender. They are a comfortable chair that works by placing both your feet up on a foam cushion.

Its not about sitting in your “lava”, its about taking risks, experimenting with new things, thinking in stages. The Micro-Cooler is not really a chair. It is an activity-kit, just like the Xbox One in the form of a foot massage. Using a wide variety of exercises and exercises on the surface of the massage surface, you are learning new things, like being able to touch all four sides of your knee.

This activity-kit can help anyone, even those who have not used a massage table before, to gain self awareness and begin to feel the joy of movement. This particular model of massage uses the Kinect sensor for vibration, so you can easily practice your movements. And since its an activity-kit, you can do it over and over again and become completely familiar with its motions. We are excited to be able to offer this activity-kit to fans of the Windows 10 Creators Update.

This chair was released in the Microsoft Store in 2016. While its not the most expensive chair we could find, it comes highly rated for comfort as well as durability. It is recommended for light users, those who are not bothered by the weight of a heavy chair. We think its one of those that works for everyone, no matter what your height is or if you have ever played on the PC from the command line.

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