nevada gaming partners

Nevada Gaming Partners have been providing gaming opportunities in Las Vegas for more than 20 years helping people enjoy their gaming experience. With the industry exploding, they wanted to make sure their company was providing the best quality and value for their customers and employees. After a lot of careful work the team developed the first blockchain gaming platform, providing the game to the internet and the player in much the same way a stock will be traded on the stock exchange.

We are glad to see this project come to fruition so quickly and help bring new ideas to the world.

The team at Nevado Gaming Partners is excited for this project.

Be a part of this important project and help create a new form of gaming.

Be the part of something that is truly and truly amazing, this is also the team’s first business.

Being a partner will be an exciting journey for you.

You love having a gaming partner in charge and they love having you in charge… that’s their business model.

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