pc freezes when gaming

I have always been a fan of pc gaming, but last fall I discovered that my PC was freezing while gaming. I was able to reset my PC from reset to defrag and everything started running again. Did I figure out the problem? No, but I did learn a few new tricks. I also learned about pc gaming, and what it takes to get it to run smoothly at a high frame rate without freezing to your favorite game.

Here are several things you should take into consideration if you’re a PC gamer.

The PC needs to be cooled properly. Overheating your PC will degrade your graphics and performance.

Before anything, you need a fast PC.

The first thing you need is a fast computer.

I am a big gamer! I play both pc gaming, the next tier of gaming is on consoles now.

The next thing you will need to do is set up your PC for maximum compatibility.

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