sharp brothers gaming

Sharp Brothers Gaming was established in 1998 and is now one of the hottest game developers in India providing innovative games (gaming like FPS, AR games, and online MMO) to its players at very low price.

Sharp Brothers Gaming is one of the most dynamic business in India with a large audience of gamers who enjoy online multiplayer games. We created our game through our own efforts, have released it for PC and MAC a few years back and we are now ready to take the next step towards cross-platform gaming. We are very much excited to expand our business through cross-platform gaming and wish to communicate how, where and when gamers can play our games.

We are working on a very cool game that will bring a change in the life of you and your family. A game that will change the family and the way they live, for the good. We are very much excited to get this idea across by cross-platform gamers and players and in order to get that idea across, we will have to go for a beta and be ready with the launch of the game at the rate of one game a day.

Sharp Brothers gaming is a gaming venture which takes the idea of gaming and gives it a new look. We have just started and hope to see a lot more in the future. In the very near future we plan to enter in the AR gaming market wherein gamers will be able to interact with the environment and virtual environment using their smartphones. We believe our game will give a brand new look at the gaming industry.

We launched a new project within this week and it is going to be very exciting. We are working with a small team in Delhi and they are making a game that not only will have a unique look to it but is also going to have a lot of action and a strong concept of what the world of gaming is and what the players can expect from our game.

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