socal retro gaming expo

this is a retro geek dream come true. To be part of this geekfest there will be some awesome games being released. There will be games being released for PSX, Xbox, Nintendo, Wii and more. If you’re a fan of retro gaming then this is the game for you. The retro gaming expo will be held on the 15th of June 2009 at the City Square Mall in Sacramento, California.

The official geekfest will take place from the 19th to the 22nd of June 2009 at Sacramento City Square Mall.

From what we hear this is a huge game with more than 10 games to play for.

The expo is a mega fun, geekfest with many retro gaming games and expo prizes for attendees.

This has all the ingredients for a geekfest as well.

There were many gamers at the show but I got to see some awesome stuff, but it was not a game event.

The most recent addition to our gaming family is the introduction of SOG Entertainment on June 1st.

This is a great one for all you old-school retro gamers.

This is a new video game called Street Fighter.

Street Fighter II Arcade Edition is a new video game that was published on Nintendo’s systems around the world.

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