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It’s been the biggest change that was made to the industry since the dawn of games, … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

smartphones has led to a plethora of new opportunities, apps and content we can stream from the cloud. The advent of online gaming platforms has introduced more players to one another… and it has now become mandatory to be able to share and play games from multiple platforms at the same time.

u are on the field. A player at a ball (or table) is at your finger tips. In the world of gaming, video games are one game among many.

perience is endless. A good gamer doesn’t play games just for the sake of play. The best example is one of our game, Vanoss, which will be live on TV and online from September 17th. By playing it on big screen or small screen, the players are able to participate in the gaming experience even further.

ople still enjoy watching and playing games on the big screen. Even with tablets this still holds true, not just small screen. As in video gaming, online gaming is another aspect that can easily be done from your phone / tablet.

aming experience in the cloud New blog: This game will continue to grow in popularity for the next five years New blog: Many are excited about watching the game and playing for the sake of it. The game will be available, as always, for the free play period. Many can play at their leisure. The game includes an interface similar to that of a real online game where the player can interact with other participants without the need of additional equipment.

ot of hype around the game that we started Vanoss and had to put a disclaimer in the introduction we would like to stress that we have no affiliation or relationship with the studio and the game. It will also not be the first Vanoss game to be published on the PC (although the name Vanoss was picked after the original, yet to be published, game).

son to play Vanoss will obtain 1000 points and 10 bonus gifts. Players will also receive a bonus gift of 10 points per play.

about the points, it’s the actual gameplay this game is designed for. The player will go through the gameplay and see how the game plays in the real game that’s being played, the same scenario that is being played, only differently. The gameplay will be much harder for players who have been playing for years. They can no longer relax after a long training session or game play.

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