windows vs linux gaming

This can be a hard ask to get to the top of, but if you’re willing to dig as deep as I did, you can join the growing list of windows gaming players, with Windows 7 being the latest version of the most popular OS in the industry. Linux is in general more stable than Windows, but the most recent version, namely Windows 7, has not made all the mistakes that the most recent version of Windows has.

The only time you need a new OS is when it has significant new features and changes to your programs.

I love when the gaming community gets to brag about something they didnt think they could pull off.

Thats right, i still love the game i played on the desktop.

Windows gaming has evolved into a whole slew of new and exciting ways.

In a good way. In fact, I am going to take this lesson and run with it on windows vista.

Windows users can get some great info about gaming with Windows Vista.

I was one of the lucky newbies that was the first person to upgrade to Windows Vista.

The best news for Windows users is that its really easier to use this wonderful OS now.

Windows users cannot do anything for themselves.

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